Happy Dhanteras Wishes, Messages and Images 2022

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Here is an exclusive list of Happy Dhanteras Wishes for everyone. Wish your loved ones a very Happy Dhanteras with these wishes and messages.

Happy Dhanteras Wishes and Messages 2022

  1. “On the occasion of Dhanteras we should purchase some silver and gold as per the tradition , and then celebrate this day.  Thank you and Happy Dhanteras for you.”
  2. Don’t forget to send your loved ones and friends Happy Dhanteras wishes to them in English. With the most imaginative Happy Dhanteras wishes, send your warm wishes and your love to your loved ones and relatives by sending the most current Happy Dhanteras wishes messages.
  3. “Wishing you a holiday full of joy and celebrations.  I wish you an Dhanteras filled with prayers for the Almighty as well as blessings and prayers from the God Ganesh as well as Maa Laxmi.”
  4. “May Lord Kuber be always with you to provide you with wealth and success in your daily life.  I wish you a prosperous and joyful Dhanteras.”
  5. Your family and friends be blessed with 13 instances of the Dhan on the most auspicious celebration of Dhanteras. I wish you a very happy Dhanteras.
happy dhanteras wishes

6. May the celebrations of Dhanteras will shower your loved ones and you with the very best health and prosperity. We send warm greetings on Dhanteras to you.

7. I would like to know that Maa Laxmi will be at hand to bless every endeavor of yours and assist you to write your own success stories. I wish you a Happy Dhanteras Day.

8. All your possibilities will transform into opportunities that allow you to prosper and grow. I wish you very Happy Dhanteras for you.

9. “Wishing Happy Dhanteras Day to you!  Sending warm wishes on this auspicious day that signifies the beginning of the new year of festivities.”

10. “Warm wishes for the festival of Dhanteras to you. We wish you happiness and health in your the rest of your life.”

11. May Maa Laxmi bring you happiness, wealth and happiness. I wish a happy Dhanteras to you.

12. On the day of Dhanteras I pray that the Lord Dhanvantri will give you the very best for health and glory. Happy Dhanteras to you.

13. “May the celebrations of Dhanteras be filled with great energy and joy for you.  Best wishes for Dhanteras.”

14. “Wishing a very Happy Dhanteras to you and your family . Wishing you lots of blessings of Lord Dhanvantri for a healthy and happy life.”

15. We wish a happy Dhanteras to all. Let this day bring new dreams and hopes for us all.

16. We wish you and your loved ones to be blessed with luxury and prosperity during the festive celebration of Dhanteras. Best wishes to you my dear.

17. I hope you can win your blessings through God Kuber and Maa Laxmi during the Dhanteras festival to attain the highest prosperity and wealth in your life.

18. May we have health that allows us to take advantage of the wealth we enjoy in this life. I wish you good health and plenty of riches on Dhanteras.

Dhanteras Wishes for Business

  1. “Wishing a very happy Dhanteras to all of you. This auspicious day will bring you many opportunities for your business to flourish and expand.”
  2. “On the occasion of Dhanteras, I pray that all the challenges in your business transform into glorious opportunities that lead you to success.”

21. “Warm wishes for Dhanteras” to all. The showers of prosperity and blessings pouring down for your business never come to a halt.”

22. “May your business flourish by the grace of Maa Laxmi. We wish you a happy Dhanteras season and a prosperous new year to all of you.”

Dhanteras Wishes from the company

23. “Warm wishes for Dhanteras for you as well as your loved ones. I wish you a beautiful, joyful celebration with your dear ones.”

24. “Happy Dhanteras to you. When the festivities start we wish you the best well-being, happiness and the best of luck.”

25. “May Goddess Laxmi always bring you prosperity and success in your life. Happy Dhanteras! of Dhanteras to you.”

happy dhanteras wishes

26. “Happy Dhanteras to you and your family and friends. Let this auspicious celebration enhance your life with success, glory, wealth, and glory.”

Dhanteras wishes from jewelers

27. “Warm greetings to you on the occasion of Dhanteras. I hope this holiday season is rich in the shimmer and shine of gold for you.”

28. “Wishing an abundance of blessings and a prosperous Dhanteras for you as well as your family members. Wish you a bright, shining and joyful life by the grace of Maa Laxmi.”

29. “On the celebration of Dhanteras this year, we send our best wishes to your family and friends. This festive season will be more beautiful with the beauty that is gold.”

30. “May the auspicious day of Dhanteras be blessed by the strength and purity of gold. Warm Wishes of Dhanteras to your loved ones and you.”

31. “Share these beautiful Dhanteras messages to your family and friends. The best of Dhanteras wishes for husbands as well as wife. Dhanteras message for daughters and sons, sisters as well as brothers, to send them the best of health and happiness.”

32. “May Dhanteras, the Dhanteras festival, make your life more beautiful with prosperity, happiness, and prosperity.  Let the Goddess Laxmi bring you immense successes and many more opportunities. I wish you and your loved ones an extremely happy Dhanteras 2022.”

33. “I hope to see that you as well as your loved ones are blessed with the most benevolent blessings from the Goddess Laxmi  I hope that you are blessed with ever-growing wealth , happiness and prosperity and success in the coming year.  I send you warm wishes on this day of great blessings. Thank you for your support. Dhanteras for you! !”

34. “Blessings of the Almighty can appear as a lovely unexpected gift in your life. The amount of these blessings you’re likely to receive will depend on how strongly your heart is in these blessings. I hope you are blessed more than you think. Best wishes to you on Dhanteras! !”

35. “May goddess Laxmi bless you and your company with huge prosperity. We wish you to be able to overcome every challenge and shine like jewels, diamonds, and even gold. We send warm greetings for this auspicious day, to wish all your family and friends. Shubh Dhanteras and a Happy Diwali for you.”

36. “May the Dhanteras festival bring you prosperity and lavishness. I hope you will be blessed with perpetual happiness and peace within your home and family. Make your future be filled with glory and success. We wish you the very best for this very special day. Thank you for your support. Dhanteras for you! !”

37. “May the festival of Dhanteras spark new ideas. new possibilities and fresh perspectives, new perspectives, and new ventures that you haven’t yet discovered. You should tackle new challenges and conquer them. I hope you will always be successful. Shubh Dhanteras to you and your family.”

Happy Dhanteras wishes for Friends

38. “May the celebration of Dhanteras bring happiness and good health. happiness for you and your loved ones.  A very happy Dhanteras to you my dear friend.”

39. “May you receive the best blessings of Almighty that will ensure prosperity and happiness forever in your life.  Best wishes for Dhanteras.”

40. “May all the days of the year bring you plenty of chances for a successful tomorrow for you.  Wishing you Happy Dhanteras my dearest friend.”

Best wishes for Dhanteras to your beloved

41. “On the occasion of Dhanteras, I pray to God to bless you with good fortune, happiness, and health for a beautiful and successful future.”

42. “May the brightness of Dhanteras bring along positivity and good luck in your life . Best wishes on Dhanteras to you my love.”

Best wishes from Happy Dhanteras to the boss

43. “May the auspicious festival of Dhanteras bring you Dhan in the form of money as well as health, happiness, and prosperity.  Have a Happy Dhanteras.”

44. “Let us praise God with his goodness for Dhanteras and ask for his blessings for a successful and prosperous future.  Best wishes for Dhanteras to you, Sir.”

Dhanteras best wishes for customers 

45. “Wishing you a very Happy Dhanteras blessed with new success stories and prosperity . Have a wonderful time with your loved ones.”

46. “May the positive energy of Dhanteras bring you new opportunities to prosper and grow. . Thank you for your support. Dhanteras for you.”

Dhanteras best wishes for employees

47. “May your efforts give you new opportunities and new expectations for you to have a better and more enjoyable future.  Wishing you Happy Dhanteras.”

48. “On the occasion of Dhanteras, wishing you a wonderful festive season and a successful year ahead.”

49. “Warm greetings to everyone of our employees on this auspicious day of Dhanteras . We wish you to be blessed with success and prosperity over the next year.”

Dhanteras message for Facebook

50. “Warm wishes on Dhanteras for everyone. We all wish to be blessed by the Lord Dhanvantri as well as enjoy the highest level of fitness and health.”

51. “There is nothing more important than our health. On the celebration of Dhanteras I wish everyone is fit and healthy. We should also be content. Happy Dhanteras to all.”

52. “Wishing a very happy Dhanteras to everyone. I hope that this celebration will bring happiness and good moments within our daily lives.”

53. “May the Dhanteras celebrations bring the start of the most romantic celebration time for us all. I wish you wealth, health and prosperity on Dhanteras.”

Dhanteras wishes for the future

54. “Wishing an extremely Happy Dhanteras in the coming days to you!  Wishing you happiness and health throughout your life, making it a joyful year for you. . and may you enjoy the most wonderful celebrations and celebrations! !”

Dhanteras wishes to kids and students

55. “May the auspicious celebration of Dhanteras bring with it many amazing opportunities to live the best life possible.  Happy Dhanteras to all the students!”

Dhanteras corporate wishes

56. “Wishing an abundance of prosperity and happy Dhanteras to our customers  Let the new year bring the best of luck and prosperity to your company and you! !”

Dhanteras messages for Facebook

57. “May the brightness of Dhanteras fill your life and hearts with positivity and happiness.”

58. “May the festivities of Dhanteras never stop!  The Lord Dhanvantri fills every day of your existence with health, happiness, joy, and smiles.”

Happy Dhanteras wishes WhatsApp status

59. “Warm best wishes for the auspicious day of Dhanteras to all.  Let the goddesses Laxmi along with Lord Ganesh come into the home of yours and bring joy as well as prosperity.”

60. “Wishing happy and joyful celebrations to mark the occasion of Dhanteras  We wish success and prosperity, well-being, health and happiness to everyone.”

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