26 Effective Tips to Boost Productivity at work

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How to Boost Your Productivity at Workplace?

boost your productivity at work

We’ve all heard the saying “Time is Gold”. But are we really treating it that way? Do you ever feel like you have loads of work but too less time to get it done? The truth is that you never have “less time” but you just don’t know how to manage your time and be more effective.

What is productivity?

If I were to define productivity, I would say that productivity is when you are able to complete your daily tasks in an efficient and effective manner.

Read on for some amazing productivity tips and hacks on how to use your time effectively and be more productive.


1.     Get started

In order to reach anywhere, you must first get moving. Now is always the right time to start. Set goals for yourself and get moving! Once you get started working on your goals and develop a habit of working regularly and thus productivity increases.

2.     Make a to-do list

Make a to do list for each day and prioritize your tasks ahead of time. List all the tasks that need to be get done today and then mark numbers in front of them in order of priority.

3.     Plan each day the night before

Before going to the bed each night, chalk out plans for the coming day. This will help you save a lot of time when you wake up.

4.     Make a not to-do list

Make a not to do list of all the activities that are stopping you from being productive. Analyze your daily routine to find out these time-wasting activities and see how you can change them. Incorporate small changes in your daily routine to eliminate these activities.

5.     Wake up early

Be the bird that gets the worm. do you often find yourself with loads of work undone but too little time on your hands? Wake up early each day to have more time. It can also help you plan your day in advance.

6.     Eliminate all distractions

Eliminate all distractions from your work environment. Switch off the TV, put your phone on silent, turn off notifications and stay off social media.

7.     Quit multitasking

At no cost, you should try to multitask. You might think that if you do several tasks at a time, you will complete your work early and efficiently. But believe me, this is not true. In fact, working on more than one or two tasks at a time can lead to confusion and you will eventually end up taking more time than usual. Focus on one task at a time.


8.     Give up on the illusion of perfection

If you keep looking for perfection you will never be content. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Don’t beat yourself up for missing a few deadlines.

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9.     Take advantage of your commute

If you are a student or an employee, you must  be spending a lot of time in commute. So why not utilize this time in something meaningful? While you are travelling to your college or office in the morning, you can use that time to plan your day. You can also use that time to learn some career skills.


10.  AutoPay Your Bills

Set up auto-pay on all your bills. It will save you a lot of time.                


11.   Shop Online

Shop online to save that time you would otherwise spend visiting a physical store. Plus, you will get discounts while shopping online.


12.   Eat healthy foods

Eat healthy throughout the day to avoid energy crashes and keep your brain properly fueled.

13.   Plan Your Meals in Advance

Plan your meals for the entire week in advance. It will help you a lot in saving time spent in thinking what to cook. Since your entire week meals are planned, it will also help you in grocery shopping.

14.   Take exercise breaks

Make exercise a part of your everyday routine. Workout for at least 30 minutes per day to stay healthy and active.


15.   Listen to calming Music That Boosts Productivity and concentration

You should avoid all distractions. However, listening to calming music can help you boost your productivity. It will help you concentrate more. Use headphones to block outside noise(Jazz music is a personal recommendation).

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16.   Make use of online banking

Save your trips to the bank by using online banking. You can make transactions, get your passbook, download a mini statement, etc. sitting at home.


17.   Reflect on Your Productivity Constantly

You must keep on reflecting on your productivity from time to time. Watch out for time-wasters and try to reduce them as much as possible.


18.   Get Plenty of Sleep

No matter how much work you are left with, do not deprive yourself of sleep. It is necessary to get plenty of sleep to be more productive. A good night’s sleep will leave you much more refreshed and energetic.


19.   Complete Your Most Dreaded Tasks First Thing in the Morning

Doing this will give you a sense of accomplishment for the rest of the day and it will also push you forward to complete other tasks as the most difficult task of the day is already done.


20.   Reward Yourself for Finishing a Big Task

Rewarding yourself when you complete a big or important task is very important as it will help you motivate yourself to do more.


21.   Batch Tasks

Batch similar kind of tasks into same batch and complete one batch at a time. For example, making phone calls, checking emails, writing blogs, cooking meals, etc.


22.   Find out Your Productive Hours

Try and find out the hours of the day which are most productive for you. People may have different productive hours. Some feel productive during the day, while some in the night. Analyze yourself and find out whether you are an early bird or a night owl.


23.   De-clutter and get organized

Give yourself something nice to look at, something you want to go back to everyday. Clear the clutter and organize your work desk. A clean and organized work space will help you think clearly and be more focused. Put all those stray papers in the trash can so you don’t have to waste time in finding that one important document.


24.   Work in 90 minute intervals

You cannot work nonstop and expect to do your work efficiently. You need to relax your mind and body every now and then. It is best suggested to work in 90 minute intervals. Between each interval, take at least 30 minutes of break time. It will help your body and mind rejuvenate and in turn will increase productivity. Taking regular breaks will help in increasing concentration, creativity and memory.


25.   Set realistic goals

You will throw up if you eat more than your capacity to digest. It is important to realize that you cannot climb a mountain in a day. So set realistic goals for yourself and work on them. Setting realistic goals and working on them on a daily basis will automatically cause an increase in productivity. 


26.   Follow the two-minute rule

As instructed by Author and productivity consultant David Allen, if you think you have a task that can be completed in two minutes or less, then you should do it right away.  Completing such tasks immediately will help you save more time than leaving it for some other time and reviewing later.

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So, these were some tips to help you increase your productivity and get things done more effectively and efficiently. Do you want us to share a list of best productivity apps to stay organized? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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