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Hey! I see a creative bird here. Thank you for showing interest in writing a guest post for Typsy Town.

Guest blogging is a fantastic way to show your expertise and establish yourself as an expert in the field. 

It is recommended that you read the entire page, because it clearly explains guidelines, the submission procedure and the kind of content we will accept.

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What We Look for

Contributions to guest posts that are successful should be extensive, informative, and based on data. To improve your chances of being featured on the blog make sure that your post is

    • is a well-researched, relevant article (preferably 1,000+ words) with practical tips.

    • It is 100% original and never published. We won’t publish anything previously published elsewhere.

    • Make sure that claims are supported by hyperlinks to reliable research or case studies. Avoid quoting our competitors or using inappropriate promotional links to websites.

    • Include examples and relevant photos to show your argument. Don’t use stock images that do not add value to your copy. Make use of Typsy Town to visualise data and information, processes concepts, ideas, and frameworks.

    • Include subheadings, bullet points and paragraphs that are shorter to make the article easier to read.

Guidelines for Submission:

    • Your piece must be at least 800 words and should provide something that is valuable to our readers.

    • There is only one self-serving link. A link to a relevant, useful source (i.e. blog posts) within your article’s body (dofollow links) in addition to a hyperlink to your website or any other social media platform in the bio of the author (dofollow links). It is possible to hyperlink to other articles on The Typsy Town blog that may enhance the value of your article. Please refrain from over linking. It is generally recommended to keep the number of links less than five.

    • Links that are sent out must relate to this blog. For instance, linking to websites for dating websites, SEO agencies, Credit-related websites and so on. aren’t allowed.

    • Once it is published on our blog, you are not able to publish it elsewhere other than your own blog.

    • Videos and pictures are encouraged as they make the content more attractive to the user.

    • The width of images should be at least 580 pixels. Please upload them as separate attachments.

    • Be sure to use the copyright-free images. Make sure you credit the source whenever it is needed.

    • To submit your article, please mail us at typsytown101@gmail.com

Please be aware that we are not able to pay for your article. If you’re an experienced writer and think you can write excellent content for us, please contact us with some writing examples.

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