Celebrating 10 Glorious Years of “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani”

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Lights, camera, celebration! It’s time to raise a toast as one of Bollywood’s most beloved films, “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani,” completes a glorious decade since its release. Released on 31st May 2013, this romantic drama directed by Ayan Mukerji and produced by Karan Johar has captured the hearts of millions with its enchanting story and unforgettable characters. Join us as we embark on a nostalgic journey to celebrate the 10th anniversary of “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani” and relive the magic it brought to the silver screen.

10 Most Iconic Dialogues

Let’s remember the 10 most iconic dialogues from the movie that touched many hearts.

  1. “Main udna chahta hoon, daudna chahta hoon. Girna bhi chahta hoon. Bas, rukna nahi chahta.”
"Main udna chahta hoon, daudna chahta hoon. Girna bhi chahta hoon. Bas, rukna nahi chahta." - a dialogue from the movie "Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani"

2. “Life mein jitna bhi try karo, kuch na kuch toh chhutega hi. Isliye yahin, isi pal ka maza lete hain.”

3. “Tum pehle bhi itni khoobsurat thi ya waqt ne kiya koi haseen sitam?”

4. “Kabhi kabhi kuch baatein humare yaadon ke kamre ki itni khidkiyaan khol deti hain ki hum dang reh jaate hai.”

5. “Mujhe tumse pyaar ho jaega, phir se. Aur tumhe nahi hoga, phir se.”

6. “Shaadi is daal chawal for pachaas saal till you die. Arey life mein thoda bahut kheema pav, tangdi kebab, hakka noodles bhi hona chahiye na!”

7. “Teri smile kitni dangerous hai pata hai. Mere paas dil hota toh pakka aa jata ispe.”

8. “Yaadein mithai ke dabbe ki tarah hoti hain, ek baar khula toh sirf ek tukda nahi khaa paoge.”

"Yaadein mithai ke dabbe ki tarah hoti hain, ek baar khula toh sirf ek tukda nahi khaa paoge." A dialogue from the movie "yeh jawaani hai deewani"

9. “Khud pe daya karna band karo, aur khud se pyaar karna seekho.”

10. “Kahin pe pahunchne ke liye kahin se nikalna bahut zaruri hota hai. Sahi waqt pe kat lena chahiye, nahi toh gile shiqwe hone lagte hain.”

About The Movie

The film “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani” revolves around the lives of four friends who reunite several years after their college days on a trekking trip. The film beautifully captures the essence of friendship, love, and self-discovery as the characters navigate their relationships and personal aspirations. From the carefree Bunny (played by Ranbir Kapoor) to the vivacious Naina (portrayed by Deepika Padukone), each character’s journey is an emotional roller coaster that keeps the audience hooked.

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The film boasts a stellar ensemble cast that brought these characters to life with their remarkable performances. Ranbir Kapoor’s portrayal of Bunny, a free-spirited and ambitious individual, struck a chord with the audience. Deepika Padukone’s portrayal of Naina, a shy and introverted girl who blossoms through her journey, left a lasting impact. Aditya Roy Kapur and Kalki Koechlin added depth to the story with their nuanced performances as Avi and Aditi, respectively. Their chemistry and camaraderie on-screen were truly a delight to watch.

yeh jawaani hai deewani

The soul-stirring music of “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani” deserves a special mention. The soundtrack composed by Pritam became an instant hit, with foot-tapping numbers like “Badtameez Dil,” “Balam Pichkari,” and the soulful “Kabira.” The songs not only added to the film’s narrative but also became anthems for the youth, resonating with their dreams, aspirations, and emotions.

The film’s visual aesthetics and cinematography are breathtaking. From the snow-capped mountains of Manali to the vibrant streets of Udaipur, each frame captures the beauty of the locations and adds to the overall charm of the story. Director Ayan Mukerji’s vision shines through in his ability to create a visual spectacle that complements the narrative.

“Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani” struck a chord with audiences from all walks of life. It became a favorite among the youth for its relatable characters and their journeys of self-discovery. The film garnered immense praise for its engaging storytelling, endearing performances, and emotional depth. Over the years, it has amassed a loyal fanbase that continues to celebrate the film’s spirit and relive its magic.

The film has left an indelible mark on Bollywood and the romantic drama genre. It redefined the portrayal of relationships, showcasing the complexities and evolution of love and friendship. Its success paved the way for more coming-of-age films that explore the dreams, dilemmas, and desires of young adults. The film’s influence can be seen in subsequent movies that have attempted to capture the same magic and depth of emotions.

For many viewers, “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani” holds a special place in their hearts. It is a film that evokes a range of emotions, from laughter to tears, and leaves a lasting impact. Whether it’s Bunny’s pursuit of his dreams or Naina’s journey of self-discovery, the characters and their stories resonate with audiences on a personal level. Many fans have shared their experiences of finding inspiration, rediscovering themselves, or cherishing their friendships after watching the film. It has become a movie that people revisit time and again, finding solace and motivation in its narrative.

Final Thoughts

As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani,” it’s evident that the film’s charm and magic remain intact. It continues to be cherished by fans who have been touched by its heartfelt storytelling, remarkable performances, and soulful music. Through its exploration of love, friendship, and self-discovery, the film has left an enduring legacy in Bollywood and beyond. Here’s to a decade of “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani” and the countless memories it has created!

So, as we raise a toast to the 10th anniversary of “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani”, let’s reminisce about the laughter, the tears, and the moments that made us fall in love with this beautiful film.

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