Pathaan Movie Trailer Released On King Khan’s Birthday: A Delight For His Fans

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Shah Rukh Khan is the heart grabber and has done a ton of films. Recently it was King Khan’s birthday and what more he surprised his fans with a special gift. Want to know about it? 

Shah Rukh Khan is known as the King Khan of Bollywood. The fans of this mega superstar were waiting patiently for the upcoming project. And surely he did not fail to surprise his fans by his new film ‘Pathaan’ in which this appalling actor is looking ravishing as always. And what was the cherry on cake was the fact that this trailer was released on King Khan’s 57th birthday on 2 November. 

The movie Pathaan, starring Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham, is an action and thriller packed film. People who are eagerly waiting for a hindi action based film will surely be getting their seat belts checked as they will be there for a treat. 

Watch Pathaan Movie Trailer Below:

This trailer has  crossed 1 crore views in only a single day and is on trending on YouTube showcasing people’s enthusiasm relating to SRK’s return.

Mohammad Ali abbar posted a heart warming wish to SRK in his special way. See here.

Another tweet was posted by Courtney Howard expressing her excitement on the SRK’s comeback on the big screen. 

Famous Indian comedian Ali asgar also tweeted on Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday by sharing their heart warming picture from the Famous Kapil Sharma Show. 

Hashtags like #Pathaan and #iamsrk fan and many more are currently on trend on the Twitter app which clearly showcases people’s excitement and also the fanbase of King Khan of the Bollywood industry. The hashtag of #happybirthdaysrk was on trend on 2 November 2022 to wish the famous actor a lot of blessings and love.

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